• Director

Professor Jorge Martín Gutiérrez has a degree in Geodesy and Cartography Engineering and PhD in Industrial Engineering. From 1996 onwards, he worked as a civil project and building engineer. Since 2002 he works as a Full Professor at La Laguna University (Canary Islands, Spain) teaching Computer Aided Design and Project Management. He has published several research papers and attended many international conferences as a speaker. His research fields are development of teaching applications based on emerging technologies as well as motivation and usability studies focusing his work on developing computer applications based on augmented reality.


  • Researchers

Professor María Dolores Meneses Fernández has a degree and PhD in Information Sciences and also graduated with a PhD in Geography and History. She is Associate Professor at the La Laguna University (Canary Islands, Spain), and she teaches Technology in Journalism, Specialized Journalism, Biomedical-Technological and Environmental Communication, and Ethic in Social Communication. She has published numerous research papers and books on Social Communication and History. Her research focuses on the relationship of Journalism with other scientific and technological disciplines. One of her research topics is focused on narrative possibilities of AR and augmented contents in printed newspapers and magazines.
  • Postdoctoral

M. Belén San Nicolas Santos PhD (2017)

  • Candidate PhD

Ovidia Soto Martín. PhD Student.

  • Graduate Students

Abian Fernandez. M.A.Sc (2017)

Melchor García Dominguez. PhD. (2013)

Cristina Roca González. PhD. (2016)

  • Undergraduate Students

Irene Ines Santos. M. Eng (2012)

Esther Álvarez Martín. M.A.Sc (2013)

  • Visiting Researchers

David Perez Lopez, PhD. Instituto i3bh (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). 2012

Marta Sylvia del Rio Guerra. Candidate PhD. Universidad de Monterrey. México. 2017.

Luis Carlos Aceves. Candidate PhD. Universidad de Monterrey – Usaria. México. 2017.